Cakes & Bubbles at Hotel Café Royal

Cakes & Bubbles at Hotel Café Royal

What could be dreamier than a desserts only venue,尤其是当甜点是世界上最好的糕点厨师Albert Adria制作的!Located at Hotel Café Royal,this is the chef's first permanent location outside his native Spain and it is where you can find his renowned signature ‘Cheese cake,' which is now exclusively sold here.I do think in London we are very blessed to have such amazing places to eat!

True to the concept behind the name of the venue,我们的体验始于一杯冰镇香槟,而我们则决定尝试什么,which was a very difficult decision as everything,我指的是一切,sounds so good!An excuse to come back I believe!

作为我的第一选择,I opted for an Egg Flan from the Neoclassical Style section of the menu,它以最美的方式出现,with a gold exterior in a gold egg cup and inside the egg once you turned it around was the most delicious zesty filling,which was light and airy.

下一个到达的是我吃过的最好的薄煎饼,可能是我吃过的最好的薄煎饼,这就是事实。I can't even put into words aptly how amazing this Crispy ‘air-pancake' filled with yoghurt foam and Maple syrup butter with a side of blueberry compote was.它是如此的令人满意,我不得不停止自己的贪婪和命令另一个!This is definitely a MUST order when visiting.

From the Sweet Bites section of the menu,we tried the frozen coconut and chocolate flower,which was sublime and one to eat quickly!味道恰到好处,又不太甜。甜食区是完美的,如果你想要一些轻,但满足。

我最喜欢的甜点之一是蛋糕和气泡巧克力软木塞,also from the Sweet Bites section,端上了一个素菜盘,我非常想去偷!It was just so delicious and perfect for chocolate lovers.

Taking us back to our childhood was a Stroopwaffle sandwich ice cream with a strawberry filling and dried strawberries as a garnish.它是如此神圣,and brought back so much nostalgia.

As for the main event,THE legendary Cheese Cake made with coulommiers cheese,hazelnut and white chocolate,it was everything and more and worth a detour for as it was just insanely good.The Cheese cake is made to look like real cheese and it is something I could eat every single day.

蛋糕和气泡超出了我的预期,而且是只提供甜点的场所,概念作品和甜点都很特别,不是太甜,and all pair perfectly with champagne,of which there is an incredible choice whether you like brut,玫瑰等。If you do fancy something non-alcoholic they do have options.

它的位置很好,just off Regent Street,买了一天的东西之后是个很好的地方,or perfect for a date night or a catch up with family or friends.The service is slick and attentive without being intrusive.I know I will be back super soon to try many more of the delectable pastries and re-order the crispy air pancake!

你可以找到蛋糕和泡泡at  70 Regent St,Soho,伦敦W1B 4DY


I was a guest of Cakes & Bubbles but all views and photos are my own.

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    Is there anything better than Cake & Bubbles?

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    我想我找到了我梦想中的地方去参观!Literally two of my favourite things!

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    This looks so stunning,我得去看看这里!!xx