New opening: Lunch at SUSHI SAMBA,科芬特花园

New opening: Lunch at SUSHI SAMBA,科芬特花园

Sushi Samba Covent Garden

There is a shiny new SUSHI SAMBA open at the Opera Terrace in Covent Garden,which is located at the top of the Grade II listed Market Building,with swoon worthy interiors and enviable views of buzzing Covent Garden piazza.It opened on 1 November and is striking,from the moment you walk up the whimsical staircase.

Sushi Samba Covent Garden

Sushi Samba Covent Garden

Sushi Samba Covent Garden

我在利物浦街吃寿司桑巴已经好几年了,所以我在那里吃了生日午餐,并且非常兴奋地去尝试它。The interiors all around were just awe-inspiring with a"live"ceiling installation garnished with South American and Japanese plants.I had a lovely table by the window and on a bright day it was just perfect,and you forget that you are in London,except for when you happen to glance at the piazza!!

Sushi Samba Covent Garden

The cuisine at SUSHI SAMBA is a blend of Japanese,Peruvian and Brazilian flavours,and from where we were sitting we could see the open kitchen where the Japanese food was being prepared,which was a lovely touch.

The restaurant itself is bright,艾里spacious and has a lovely vibe,and definitely the perfect spot for celebrations or to catch up with friends,especially with its stunning bar!It has an 128 seat dining room,a sushi bar with 14 counter seats,一个私人餐厅和一个可以俯瞰考文特花园广场的大露台,which I imagine in the summer months is going to be very popular!!

Sushi Samba Covent Garden

For drinks,I tried one of their Signature Serves,a Samba Sour,这是现代版的比萨酸味。In this version Pisco brandy and maraschino is shaken hard with yuzu,egg white and a turmeric infusion.What arrived was a colourful cocktail and one that I almost didn't want to ruin the design of.When I finally did try it,I am happy to report that it was absolutely delicious!!

Sushi Samba Covent Garden Sushi Samba Covent Garden

What impresses me aboutSUSHI SAMBA's menu is that there is so much amazing variety in flavours and ingredients.Alongside their regular menu they also offer a vegan menu and a gluten free menu.

The concept is sharing plates here and so we picked some dishes from the various sections of the menu and were advised that they would all arrive at different times,depending on whether they were being made in their three kitchens.

First to arrive from the small plates section was the Crispy Lobster Taquitos which were filled with lobster,avocado,阿吉阿马里洛,jalapeno,lime,玉米和莫拉多。这些食物很快就被狼吞虎咽了,饭后我们意见一致,这是我们所有人最喜欢的一道菜。This is my top recommendation!!

Sushi Samba Covent Garden

We enjoyed the citrusy and tangy Corn Seviche next,which was a real treat to the tastebuds with white cusco corn,dried white and mixed cancha and red onion and hints of mandarin. This is an unusual take on the famously Peruvian ceviche,用产自秘鲁人忍者树的玉米和生长在秘鲁雨林中的热情柑橘制成。

Sushi Samba Covent Garden

From the Robata section,we opted for Pork Belly and Butterscotch Miso ‘anticuchos,' which are Peruvian skewers,这是柯芬花园分店的一道新菜。

Sushi Samba Covent Garden

这些绝对是多汁的,flavoursome and satisfying,especially paired with the side of corn,which was absolutely sublime!!

从桑巴卷区,我们试了用辣金枪鱼做的新东京面包卷,tempura crunch,lotus root,aji panca and spicy mayo.As someone who doesn't usually order tuna,these took me by surprise and I really enjoyed them and would definitely order these again!!

Sushi Samba Covent Garden

Dessert is always something I really look forward to and when I read the description of the dessert"Welcome to the rainforest,"加上灰忍者巧克力,Asháninka coffee,vanilla,pistachio,macadamia nut and sugar cane,I knew it was the one.I grew up in Kenya eating macadamia nuts and drinking sugar cane juice and so it had elements of nostalgia for me.

Sushi Samba Covent Garden

The ingredients of this dessert are also sourced from the Asháninka people in Peru,which empowers them  to stop further rainforest destruction at the hands of loggers,by encouraging them to farm crops to produce more food for their families and provide a stable revenue stream.The dessert symbolises the ground of the rainforest,and supports the Cool Earth charity,that SUSHI SAMBA has aided for a long time.

Sushi Samba Covent Garden

I ended my wonderful lunch with a Mojito and it was made so well so another big tick for SUSHI SAMBA Covent Garden!!

I would love to return in the evening to experience the vibe as it is such a gorgeous space,也可以尝试更多的鸡尾酒和菜单上的菜肴,这些听起来都很不可思议。If you are looking for a new venue to try or are a fan of SUSHI SAMBA already,the new Covent Garden branch is brilliant!!

SUSHI SAMBA can be found on the edge of the market at35 The Market,WC2E 8RF。

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  1. November 6,2018 / 9:57 am

    We really enjoyed it too!While food isn't the worlds' best sushi,it's fun and tasty!!

  2. November 6,2018 / 1:10 pm

    I love the sound of all those dishes!That Samba Sour looks so pretty!!

  3. November 6,2018 / 4:10 pm

    The restaurant and food presentation are on point!Looks like you could almost forget it's winter inside there 😛 xo

  4. November 6,2018 / 4:45 pm

    This place looks riht up my street.great looking Samba Sour there and loving the idea of Corn Ceviche!Additionally Covent Garden is my fave.It's been added to my London hit list!!

  5. November 7,2018 / 4:16 am

    This looks so yummy!Your food presentation is great too.

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