Celebrating a trio of Birthdays with breakfast at Dalloway Terrace at Fall

Celebrating a trio of Birthdays with breakfast at Dalloway Terrace at Fall


达拉维露台是伦敦最漂亮的用餐或享受悠闲下午茶的地方之一。对于我的博客朋友安吉,Emma and I,它已经成为我们最喜欢吃早餐的地方之一,多年来,我们在它的各种季节性外观中体验过它。

I have also featured it in my伦敦6大早餐场所。

This time we met during its autumnal edit with gorgeous red,橙色的叶子装饰着漂亮的餐厅。我们的三个生日都很近,所以我们决定把生日和逾期的时间赶在一起。因为我们三个最近都在旅行。万博足球

Over multiple cups of coffees we chatted away,giggled,计划未来的活动和追赶,并有这样一个美好的开始,因为它是11月1日。


I love the breakfast served there and I kind of have a favourite order – the Shakshuka which is sublime!我喜欢所有的味道,这是一个真正的一天的开始,让我充满了好几年!!




安吉吃了她最喜欢的早餐,爱尔兰粥加碎坚果,bananas and honey,and which was actually perfect for the freezing November morning!!

We also shared a Rainbow Acai Bowl,有季节性浆果,各种坚果和香蕉。I loved how this was garnished and it did look like a healthy rainbow!!


The Coral Room

早餐后,我们挤进珊瑚屋,a stunning bar adjacent to Dalloway Terrace at The Bloomsbury Hotel,for another round of coffees and to continue our catch ups.It is such a fabulous spot and a nice oasis of calm away from the nearby madness of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road.

如果你想找一个可爱的酒吧来赶上我,我强烈推荐它,而且鸡尾酒也很美味!It is also a fantastic place to have a work meeting or to even work from!!

Dalloway Terrace将要进行冬季安装,听到了一些关于它将是什么样的声音听起来很神奇!I can't wait to see how it looks when it is all ready and it is always a cute place in winter to cosy up with mulled wine,hot chocolate and stay toasty!!

Stay tuned to see what the winter edit looks like!!

有关Dalloway Terrace的更多信息,请访问其网站:https://dallowaytrace.com/

We were guests of Dalloway Terrace.

Hi,我是宾尼,一个作家,dreamer,流连忘返和旅行成瘾。万博足球我原来是肯尼亚人,现在住在伦敦。I set up this blog to share my experiences eating out as well as 万博足球travelling.

我喜欢打包行李和去冒险,因为旅行中最好的一件事就是迷路。万博足球把地图和行程放在一边,看看路会把你带到哪里,learning and evolving and living in the moment along the way.




  1. November 3,2018/9:47

    I love Dalloway Terrace!I've been a couple of times and it's so lovely and cosy.The food is really good too,我在那里吃过早饭和晚餐。

    这提醒了我,I've been meaning to try and book a table there soon.

  2. November 3,2018 / 10:35 am

    Such a lovely morning!!我等不及下次见面了!!

  3. November 3,2018 / 8:21 pm

    I need to pay this place a visit for sure!All your breakfast options looked so good and delicious!xx

  4. November 4,2018 / 4:26 pm

    Ohh this all looks so delicious,especially the Shakshuka!我喜欢室内设计中的秋意!Natalie x

  5. November 5,下午2018点/下午1点19分

    All those breakfasts sound delicious!What a perfect place to catch up over great food!!

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