Aqua Shard的早餐和鸡尾酒,可欣赏全景

Aqua Shard的早餐和鸡尾酒,可欣赏全景

伦敦有一个非常美丽、超迷人的城市景观,我总是不厌其烦地盯着风景看(除了我坐在办公桌前的时候)。我最喜欢的地点很晚,对于城市的观望,虽然已经被水碎片,它位于31层标志性的碎片上。It is so fun identifying London's popular skyscrapers and landmarks from it.Can you spot the Walkie Talkie and Gherkin buildings in the picture below??


一个真正高调地开始一天的方法(字面上)是欣赏伦敦宝石的无与伦比的景色,一边喝着咖啡一边吃着美味的早餐,一边在远处闪闪发光。我很幸运在Aqua Shard吃了两次早餐,每次都点了两种截然不同的东西。


我第一次来的时候,I indulged in Brioche French Toast which came topped with Caramelised Banana,Yoghurt and Puffed Rice.Yeah Baby!这是一顿梦幻般的早餐,完全不可编程!With a side of a panoramic view of the city there is no place I would rather be!!



Literally it was like having dessert for breakfast and I highly recommend it for a special breakfast or just because…you know you are worth it and calories don't count when you are up in the sky 😉

On my second visit,it was a very exciting occasion.It was the morning of the surprise trip we had planned for our friend Aftab's birthday and we can reveal now we went to博维城堡酒店for a luxurious and very royal staycation.

This time I went for the Vegetarian Full English Breakfast,有各种各样的选择,其中包括两个自由放养的鸡蛋,按照你喜欢的方式烹饪,菠菜,西红柿,炒土豆。波托贝罗蘑菇,自制烤豆和牛油果配烤面包。I decided to go for poached eggs.所有的选择都是如此的美味和真正的款待。


Our dining companions,the lovely Christina and Emma had the much renowned signature Lobster Benedict and Benedict Queen Emma from the Adventures of a London Kiwi has said that the Lobster Benedict at Aqua Shard is the best one she has had and I trust her opinion as she really is the queen of brunch.艾玛在Aqua Shard写了一篇关于早午餐的博客,你可以读到。here.


图片来源:AFTAB,来自Fresh and Fearless

早餐时,我们还喝了香槟鸡尾酒(当然)和一系列糕点。真是太高兴了!PS There may have been multiple boomerang attempts of the Champagne cocktails.


Aside from breakfast,我还去过Aqua Shard喝鸡尾酒,最棒的是,他们对饮料没有预订政策,所以你可以到Shard的31楼去欣赏美景!!

Other notable landmarks that you can see from Aqua Shard include Tate Modern,圣保罗,as well as views of Canary Wharf.Try and get a window seat if possible!!


They do a pretty lush Mojito amongst other fabulous cocktails and you know how fussy I am about Mojitos 😉


It is so impressive and the ideal place to bring a date,or clients you want to seriously impress or just as a lovely bar to catch up with friends or family at.服务很好,the drinks,在选择方面,innovativeness and flavour are top notch and the views are unrivalled.


免责声明:所有视图和照片都是我自己的。然而,my meals were complimentary.

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